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How Project Tutor's comprehensive content lets you get to grips with Microsoft Project


You're no doubt looking for a flexible and intuitive learning environment.  No more 'talking-head' movies or one-dimensional books.

Let Project Tutor provide you with an unbeatable way to learn:

Relate project planning theory to Microsoft Project

Understand best-practice planning techniques to help you plan your projects more effectively.

Let audio/video movies provide detailed step-by-step explanations and then practice at your own pace

Watch a subject matter expert show you how, then learn as you experience.

Demystify Microsoft Project and test your understanding

Lookup keyword definitions as and when you want and test yourself on what you've learnt.

You probably know there's lots more to Microsoft Project than meets the eye.  It's certainly no simple spreadsheet.

Let the comprehensive learning in Project Tutor explain how it all works; from getting started on the right track to managing projects and programs effectively:

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