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Lean Microsoft Project quickly and effectively

Quick and effective learning was a key Project Tutor design objective.  Here's how we think we've achieved that:

Short bite-sized movies explain tools and techniques to you step-by-step.  Callouts and closed-captioning ensure you'll always get clear explanations just when you need them.

Throughout every lesson, you'll see dozens of highlighted keywords.  If you want to know what the keyword means, just click its link for an immediate explanation.

As you learn, you create your own data, building your own theme project as you go.  As each lesson evolves, so does your project, together with your understanding of MS Project.

We strongly believe that learning needs to be both simple and enjoyable.  You should be able to learn by experience and have relevant information to hand wherever and whenever you need it.  Jut review the explanations above and below that show how we think Project Tutor makes learning Microsoft Project simply child's play. Project Tutor - making learning Microsoft Project both quick and easy

How Project Tutor keeps things simple

Simple, yet elegant was the mantra in Project Tutor's design.  Here's how we think we've reached that goal:

Careful use of colour, text and layout means you'll always know where you are and what you are doing.  Clear explanations and bulleted lists explain exactly what you'll learn and why.

By adding your own progress markers, you'll always know how far your learning has progressed.  Getting to your last learning step takes only a single click.

Need some help?  We've got that covered.  A 3-minute overview tutorial shows you how to get the best from Project Tutor and context-sensitive help is available from every page.


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